This event will be taking place on 22-23 April, 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa.  As a result of Africa’s rapid economic growth and population expansion, over a third of African inhabitants currently live in cities, while the latest projections suggest that this proportion will have risen to 50% by 2030. Africa’s rapid urbanisation will require governments to invest in the expansion of housing capacity, better infrastructure, energy and healthcare facilities, ICT services, water management and sanitation. « Smart » and « green » solutions are helping African governments to re-shape the way cities are conceived, through the use of the latest technology and energy systems.

Investments driven by urbanisation will grow faster and faster across the continent in the near future, thus creating scope for exceptional growth in infrastructure projects, real estate, and other subsectors. This potential is still largely unknown to international investors and its profitable opportunities are yet to be tapped into. With this in mind, the Africa Urban Infrastructure and Real Estate Summit will seek to bridge the information gap and create a platform to develop the market for African urban infrastructure and real estate.